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Are there shipping fees?

For orders from Germany, Austria or Switzerland there are no shipping costs for an order volume of €/CHF20 or more. For orders less than €/CHF20, a shipping fee of €2.90/order for Germany and Austria, and CHF 3.90/order for Switzerland will be charged.

For orders from the UK there are no shipping costs for an order volume of £20 or more. For orders less than £20, a shipping fee of £3.90 will be charged.

In which countries is comfosan available?

comfosan is available in Germany and Austria. As well as Ireland, Northern Ireland and Great Britain.

Please write us a short message if you live in another country and would like to order comfosan products (at the bottom of the website, under Contact).

How fast are orders delivered?

Usually you will receive your order within 3-6 working days.

Thanks to the tracking number that we will send you by mail, you can always track the status of your order.

What payment options are available?

You can pay your order by Paypal, with a VISA/Mastercard, by instant bank transfer or bank transfer.

Do I receive an invoice for the order?

You will receive your invoice automatically with the order confirmation.

Is the shoe insert reusable?

The comfosan hygiene inserts can be used in the shoes as often as you like. They are designed so that they can be reused. We recommend using comfosan daily if the shoes are used intensively, otherwise at least once a week. For hygienic reasons, it would be favourable, if not several people would use the same comfosan hygiene inserts. Unless they have been washed beforehand.


You can wash the hygiene inserts in your washing machine together with your usual laundry at a maximum of 40°. Repeated washing may cause the printed comfosan logo to lose quality over time. However, the functionality of the comfosan hygiene inserts remains fully intact.


Do not use fabric softener, as the specially developed high-tech outer material could otherwise be damaged, thus limiting the effect of comfosan.

Is comfosan dangerous for my foot or skin?

Unlike most commercially available deodorants for shoes the comfosan Essence evaporates completely in the shoe. The application is residue-free and therefore harmless. The skin compatibility was rated "very good" by Dermatest.

Why do the shoes smell pleasantly fresh after the treatment?

The comfosan Essence is enriched with a fresh fragrance that eliminates bad odours as they evaporate, giving your shoes a pleasantly refreshing scent.

Does comfosan help prevent foot and nail fungus?

The warmth and moisture present in the shoe provide the ideal conditions for the growth of germs of all kinds. This often results in foot and nail fungus, but also in unpleasant odours. Germ-free shoes are an effective prevention for foot and nail fungus. Thus, comfosan contributes simply and effectively to a good foot hygiene.

Should I dry my shoes before hygienizing them?

If your shoes are really wet from weather or sweat, we recommend letting them dry out for 24 hours before hygienising them with comfosan.

Can comfosan be used in children's shoes?

There is no reason why comfosan should not be used on closed children's shoes.

What happens if I apply comfosan for less than 8 hours?

The comfosan Essence needs about 8 hours to evaporate completely. It is therefore advisable to wait this long. If the process is interrupted, the effect might be limited.

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