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How to clean your shoes in 5 easy steps

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Everyone has a favourite pair of shoes, that may be a pair of trainers, boots or even slippers! Whatever the type, keeping them clean and smelling fresh will keep your shoes looking great for longer.

Here’s our easy 5 step guide

1. Remove loose dirt

Using a soft dry brush, or old toothbrush, remove loose dirt from the outsole and midsole of your shoe. 

2. Make a cleaning solution

Mix a small amount of laundry detergent or washing up liquid with warm water. For stains or white trainers add bicarbonate of soda for that extra cleaning power. If your shoes have laces, remove and clean separately. 

Tip: Use one part baking soda to one part water for a targeted stain remover. Apply to the targeted area and then remove with a cleaning solution. 

3. Soles first

Take a cloth or soft bristle brush, start applying your cleaning solution to the soles of your shoes first. For the mid soles and uppers, use a cloth and don’t rub too hard. Remove soap with a dry cloth or small towel. Repeat this step if necessary.  

NOTE: Rubbing can cause the shoe fabric to wear so be gentle! 

4. Clean the inside of your shoes.

Remove the insoles and clean them separately using your detergent solution.  [Dry completely before putting them back]. Using a soft cloth and detergent solution, clean the inside lining of your shoe and tongue. This part of the shoe touches your foot and contains germs, so it’s important to keep clean. Dab dry using a soft cloth or small towel. 

Tip: You may need to mix a new cleaning solution! Don’t want to spread the dirt around. 

5. Air Dry

Leave your shoes to dry at room temperature. Applying heat during the drying process can break down the fabrics in your shoes and reduce their life. Air drying is best for the environment anyways and it’s free!  

Allow your shoes to dry completely before wearing them. For most shoes, this will probably take at least 8 hours, so best to leave overnight. 

And there you go! A quick easy way to keep your shoes looking good and smelling fresh. 

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